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2000-2003 – Luzon, Phillippines
More than 200 Caterpillar machines and gen sets help construct the San Roque Multipurpose Project.

2000-2005 – Nagoya, Japan
More than 60 Caterpillar machines help construct an artificial island for the new Chubu International Airport.

2001 – Antarctica
Caterpillar supplies three new gen sets to Operation Deep Freeze for a new research base on Antarctica.

In addition to the gen sets, the station utilizes a 307B hydraulic excavator, a T103 telehandler, a Challenger 55, 953 and 955 track loaders and D7H LGP and D6D LGP track-type tractors.

2001 – U.S.
Within hours of the terrorist attack on September 11, Caterpillar joins forces with Caterpillar dealers to provide machines, power and people for the rescue and relief efforts.

In the days following the attack, most of the equipment at Ground Zero was manufactured by Caterpillar.

2001 – Brazil
Caterpillar ships 760 megawatts of electrical generating power to Brazil to help relieve power shortages in that country.

Caterpillar shipped 760 megawatts of electrical generating power to Brazil as part of a massive one gigawatt distributed generation project to relieve electric power shortages. With 90 percent of Brazil’s power coming from drought-stricken hydroelectric plants – and mandatory rationing imposed by the Brazilian government – this was the largest electric power project ever undertaken by Caterpillar anywhere in the world to that point in time.

2001-2004 – Athens, Greece
Caterpillar machines help prepare Athens for the 2004 Olympic Games.

Contractors and their Caterpillar machines worked non-stop to finish construction of 36 Olympic venues, a new airport, more than 120 miles of new and upgraded roads and 35 miles of light rail.

2002-2014 – Switzerland
More than 50 different Caterpillar machine models help construct the Gotthard Base Tunnel, part of the AlpTransit Project.

2002 – U.S.
Nearly 220 Caterpillar machines help build a natural gas pipeline from Wyoming to Southern California.

2002 – South Korea and Japan
Caterpillar generator sets provide uninterrupted power for the 2002 World Cup soccer match for the duration of the event.

2002-2006 – Iceland
More than 100 Cat machines help build the Karahnjukar Hydropower Project under construction in Iceland.

2003 – Malaysia
More than 100 Caterpillar machines help construct the Bakun Dam.

2003 – Paris, France
More than 600 Caterpillar machines help construct additional lines for the Ligne a Grande Vitesse.

Between 1977 and 1983, more than 200 Cat machines worked on the first lines for the new Ligne a Grande Vitesse (high speed train) constructed between Paris and Lyon. From 1987-1989, more than 80 Cat machines were involved in constructing an additional 160-mile rail line from Paris to LeMans, along with its 300 overpasses and 21 tunnels. In 2003, Cat machines once again played a role in the construction of France’s high-speed rail network when contractors used more than 600 Cat machines to construct a 280-mile line from Paris to Strasbourg.

2003 – U.S.
Caterpillar provides the majority of power generation and dealer support during the largest power outage in U.S. history (to this date).

More than 300 backup generators and two megawatt trailer units were trucked to cities such as New York, Cleveland and Detroit to get them up and running again. Trading on Wall Street was uninterrupted thanks to Cat power.

2003-2010 – Arizona & Nevada
Caterpillar machines help construct a bypass highway near the Hoover Dam to replace the original highway that runs over the dam.

2004 – Indian Ocean Tsunami
Caterpillar machines and dealer personnel assist with cleanup and relief efforts after the earthquake and tsunami that devastated the Asia-Pacific region.

2004-2008 – Beijing, China
Caterpillar machines help construct different sites that will be used for the 2008 Summer Olympic Games in Beijing.

2004-2010 – Shanghai, China
Caterpillar machines help build the infrastructure Shanghai needs to host the 2010 World’s Fair and Exposition.

2004-2014 – Romania
Cat machines help construct the 588-kilometer-long Transylvania Motorway.

When complete, the Transylvania Motorway will connect Bucharest with Oradea. Contractors used 135 Cat machines to construct just one 258-mile segment of the four-lane highway that featured over 300 bridges, 70 overpasses and 19 interchanges.

2005 – U.S.
Caterpillar and its dealer network respond with people, products, and financial aid to help with recovery efforts in the Gulf Coast following Hurricanes Katrina, Rita and Wilma.

2005 – Alberta, Canada
Continuing work begun in 1967, Caterpillar machines are still working in the Athabasca Oil Sands.

At this point in time, there are around 500 pieces of Caterpillar equipment belonging to 20 different companies working in the oil sands. The world’s largest fleet of 797 mining trucks (100 total) is working around the clock hauling oil sand to facilities for processing.

2005 – India
A fleet of 220 Caterpillar machines and gen sets works on the 3,625 miles of a four-to-six lane highway known as the Golden Quadrilateral.

2006 – U.S.
Caterpillar machines play a major part in the construction of the 300-mile-long Entrega Pipeline.

The Entrega Pipeline was the first stage of the Rockies Express Pipeline. Stretching from Wyoming to Ohio, the 1,663-mile Rockies Express Pipeline will connect Rocky Mountain natural gas reserves to consumers on the East Coast. Caterpillar’s involvement goes beyond construction equipment. Solar gas turbines, Gas Caterpillar Motoren (GCM) compression engines (Entrega is the first new mainline pipeline to use GCM engines), Cat Financial services and 6 Sigma-enhanced strategic support planning were key elements of the project. The completed pipeline will utilize Solar’s InSight System machinery management solution enabling real-time monitoring and predictive maintenance to maximize performance and minimize costs.

2006 – South Korea
Thirty-four Caterpillar machines help complete the Saemangeum Seawall – the world’s longest earthen seawall.

2007 – Russia
Cat machines help construct the 1,100-kilometer Yamal-Ukhata pipeline.

Russia’s Yamal-Ukhta pipeline is part of a planned 2,500-kilometer gas transportation system built in one of the world’s most extreme climates.

2007-2014 – Panama
Cat machines help construct the expansion of the Panama Canal.

Contractors used 75 Cat machines on just the first two phases of the six-phase project. When complete, the new single-lane, three-step lock system will allow the Panama Canal to accommodate vessels that are not currently transiting the waterway due to their large size.

2008-2011 – Saudi Arabia
Over 400 new Caterpillar machines help construct a 2,400-kilometer rail line through the Nafud Desert in Saudi Arabia.